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Andree, Washington, D.C.
  • For weeks I have been reminiscing about our wonderful training sessions together telling anyone who would listen how much I learned. Thank you for your summary about what we had worked on. I have read it many times.

Debra, Potomac, MD

  • Hedda, thanks so much for all your help with the CGC tests today! I really appreciate the way you give feedback to the testers, so they know what to keep working on.

    You were the perfect tester, and you showed me why I wouldn't be. You were patient and kind, and you taught while you tested. I had helped one other time with a CGC test, and it consisted of you pass, you fail, good-bye. So, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed.

Judy, Rockville, MD
  • Hi Debra, Hedda is GREAT ... I really learned a lot!

Becky, Rockville, MD
  • I really enjoyed it. Hedda is great - she was so good with the dogs (can really read them!) and the people! I didn't know she specialized in assistance dogs! Thank you!

Patty, Northstar
  • How wonderful to see Ben and Yogi working together! I'm very pleased with their progress as a North Star team, along with Hedda's talent as a trainer to Yogi and teacher to Ben. Thanks for your excellent work with both these dogs, as well as with these families...

Janet, Rockville, MD
  • We loved yesterday and thought you were great. I practiced today and was successful.

Lesli, Washington, D.C.
  • Thanks so much for all your help. It's really changed my relationship with Rocky!

Maria, Potomac, MD
  • It was wonderful having you here to help out with Cooper's "manners" or lack thereof!!

Grace, 9 years old.
  • Thanks so much for helping me teach Gus. You are a great teacher.
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